Bollard Safety

Most of the information on this site is meant to be humorous, but bollard safety is a serious subject.   Steve contacted me via email to let me know about a serious problem that I hadn’t really considered.

While Steve said he was entertained by my site, he is “anti-bollard”.  Why you might ask?  Because he is a cyclist, and poor placement of bollards can be hazardous and has actually resulted in some fatalities.   He sent the picture below as an example from the Great Allegheny Passage.   This bollard is placed right in the center of a bike trail.  I imagine it was placed there to keep vehicles from driving on the bike path as the sign to the left prohibits, but a cyclist can easily hit such a misplaced bollard while passing by, especially if attention is focused on something else like passing vehicles.  It is much easier than you might think to not see it.

Thank you Steve for bringing up this topic.


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